Data Science sites for Covid-19 and cybersecurity issues

Since this Covid pandemic exploded in February, the original site from Johns Hopkins has been widely cited in the press! Kaggle then came out with a weekly competition covering several tasks. Week 1 covered the global forecasting of covid, which now has 544 entries. Google and Verily launched their baseline testing site for locations in CA. Not to be outdone, Microsoft launched its Covid-19 tracker site, with search results from Bing! Recently, IBM teamed up with its subsidiary The Weather Channel to bring a detailed dashboard, which is supposedly driven by Watson and Cognos. I like the details on the IBM site, but I eventually resort to this simple data site created by this 17 year old from WA state.

So, with all these dashboard and maps of the spread of covid-19 throughout the world, it is not surprising that there are many fake sites that appear similar to the original Johns Hopkins site! Here is a blog report about it. There are also targeted phishing attempts and bogus apps related to covid.

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