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The Online Advantage

No Hardware or Software to Buy
With an online intranet service, there's no hardware or software to buy, install or maintain. Flexible monthly or annual pricing plans provide predictable costs.

Rapid Set up and Deployment
A XMLstar intranet can be set up in five minutes and becomes fully operational the very same day -- unlike the months typically required to build and deploy a local solution.

Ongoing Support and Product Enhancements
XMLstar has partnered with the #1 online intranet service provider to bring you this service offering.  Compelling new applications and features will be added to your service automatically, at no extra cost.  All enhancements are backed up with extensive testing and customer feedback.

Accessible from Anywhere
With our online service, you leverage the power and flexibility of the internet to obtain anytime, anywhere access for remote workers without the need for installing and managing firewalls and VPN's.

Reliability, Performance and Security
An experienced staff of intranet experts monitors our state-of-the art data center 24x7 to ensure 99.99% availability. All customer data is backed up nightly to a secure off-site facility. Without an online service, this level of security and support would require dedicated IT resources, exponentially increasing your total cost of ownership.

Flexible and Customizable to Meet Your Needs
You can control a rich set of configuration and customization options for your company's intranet site, using only a web browser. If you desire even greater customization, our expert intranet developers are available to help.

High User Adoption and Successful Deployment
XMLstar intranet specialists leverage years of expertise and experience in building and maintaining intranets for more than 200,000 customers.  Their advice and assistance throughout your trial process and beyond assures a high rate of user adoption.