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Text Box: The XMLstar online collaboration suite is the ideal solution for small businesses and groups inside larger organizations that need to organize information, share files and documents, coordinate calendars and enable efficient collaboration, all in a secure, browser-based environment.
XMLstar has teamed up with the world leader in web collaboration services with over 200,000 users on 6 continents.  XMLstar provides its users with a simple and effective way to gain the benefits of an intranet without having to invest in hardware or software.












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10 Integrated Applications
XMLstar Intranets include a complete suite of collaboration applications to address the needs of everyone in your organization.  In addition, XMLstar enables secure access to your intranet and features a wide range of administration tools that help you maximize the effectiveness of your intranet.   
Online Calendar
Keep track of personal appointments, group meetings and company-wide events.  With the built-in permissions system, you can share access to your calendar with colleagues who need to know your schedule, while maintaining the privacy of personal meetings. 
Document Manager
Securely share documents, files, and other content within your company and with remote workers and business users.  Your authorized users have secure access to important files at any time from anywhere.
Database Manager
Realize the power to create fully customizable databases!  You?ll be able to easily manage and manipulate mission-critical information and share it with colleagues.  Choose from eight ready-made templates or create your own database from the ground up. 

Task Manager
Keep track of personal action items or delegate tasks to subordinates or members of a project team.  You can follow the progress of a task from start to completion and view status by owner, project, or other criteria you choose.
Discussion Forums
Exchange important ideas and information in structured, hierarchical ?threads? that make reading and
responding easy.  Use this application for joint file editing, team projects, brainstorming and other collaborative work.
Post important company-wide information on your intranet home page where your employees can?t miss it.  Announcements keep everyone in our group up-to-date on the most critical information they need to get their job done.
Contact Directories
Store all your outside contacts and intranet member information in the Contact Directories application.  It is designed to hold information for contacts both inside and outside your company.
E-mail Accounts
Exchange e-mail with anyone in the world, all while doing other work on your intranet.  Each user is assigned a personalized e-mail address that uses your organization?s intranet address (e.g. bob@mycompany.intranets.com).
Expense Reports
Submit all work-related expenses for reimbursement.  Customize the Expense Reports application to meet your company?s needs by defining expense categories, mileage reimbursement rate and local currency.
Opinion Polls
Create, distribute and report on an online survey straight from your desktop.  Build consensus among co-workers or simply understand what your group is thinking so that you can make better informed decisions for your business.
Administration Tools
XMLstar Intranets provide a simple but powerful set of tools to customize the look and feel, control access, and monitor usage of your intranet.  You?ll also have access to a wealth of customization and configuration options so you can easily integrate your intranet site into your daily operations.